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ntl virtual web hosting

comprehensive internet hosting for professionals at competitive prices

Here's what we offer:
   ntl's reliable and resilient network - ensures your customers will be able to access your website
   a scalable web hosting service - start off small with 25Mb of disk space and 4,000 Mb per calendar month (pcm) of data transfer. Then as the number of visitors to your website increases or you decide to add more graphics, movies, animated files etc, you can upgrade your virtual web hosting option. Maximum 250Mb of disk space with 10,000 Mb pcm of data transfer.
   a flexible system under your control - a control panel lets you upload your website to the Internet and take it down whenever you choose (e.g. when you need to update your web pages)
   mailbox accounts - from 10 to 40, depending on what hosting option you choose.
   free registration of one .co.uk domain name for your website - your identity on the Internet that allows your customers to find your website.
   phone and email support 24x7x365 - simply give ntl a call or email us when you need assistance
   an immediate start - buy online today!
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who is it for?

Any business that has a website they want to host on the Internet, but doesn't want to invest in the technical skills, equipment and premises to host it themselves.

what do you get?

focus on your business
With ntl hosting your website, you needn't worry about hiring someone with technical skills to manage your own webserver, or worry about buying the equipment or finding secure, environmentally controlled premises to locate your servers. We take care of all this for you. So that means you can concentrate on advertising, merchandising and other aspects of your business and leave the hosting of your website to ntl.

expand your customer reach and keep existing customers up to date
Once you've published your website on the Internet, you'll be able to reach new customers and offer existing customers the most up to date information on your business. When you've got changes to your website, simply take it down, make the changes and load it back onto the Internet yourself.

keep costs low and predictable
You receive a fully managed website for a fixed monthly rental. Costs are low because you share the server hardware, software and management costs with other business professionals. You only pay for the resources - storage capacity, mailbox accounts, data transfer etc - that you use. When you select your hosting option, we'll advise you what the monthly rental cost will be. So each month you'll be able to budget for this in advance. See our comparisons table for more details on pricing and virtual web hosting features.

simple and quick to set up
All you need is a PC, any popular web browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator) and an Internet connection. Then once you've selected the virtual web hosting option that suits your website requirements, simply register your business details online and use our setup wizard to get your website up and running. A comprehensive help system is available online via your hosting administration area, and our support staff can be contacted via phone or email.

secure, fast access for your customers
ntl sells only reliable, professional products - products built for business, backed by the skills, investment and expertise of a major Internet company. With ntl virtual web hosting you do not share some corner of an overloaded system with a thousand spare-time surfers - all our online products use state-of-the-art, secure servers, on a high-bandwidth network, designed for resilience, with no single point of failure.

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